Monday, 12 March 2012


was away to shed off few kilos of those cruel fat from my body,

but truly, I failed.
now, keeping on blogging to make me happier!!!!

Friday, 25 November 2011

It is hot, really hot!

Approaching end of the year, we forecast the rainy season and floods everywhere.
However, I was in heat and so hot, both because of the sun and the engine.

And, this is the reason I was in silent mode in the past week.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fashion Notes 5: Custom made shawl

Distinguish yourself.  Here is another entry.
What else can you do?
Plastic surgery? No, no, no..(fat transfer might be considerable! Teheteheheeh)
Why am I so hooked on it?
I do not want seeing myself identical with other, the clothing to be correct.
I made my own shawl. Again, I am not the tailor. I wish I learned.
No, not that 85 yrs old Ah So. She does not have the specific sewing machine.
Mesin jahit tepi, jahit halus. That’s the precise machine.
I bought the material and sent to another favourite tailor.
Here some of them. I love them, no one has similar like mine! No fancy brand, but I am happy that way.
I dont mean to hide my daughter, this the close up view of my personalized shawl.



Distinguish yourself

There are countless beautiful maiden in town.  How do you distinguish yourself?
Is it the excellent mien?
Is it the dainty clothing?
You could not refute that eyes will always be the holder of the beauty. Excepting the blind, for sure.
First glance, eyes will notice on appearances.
Be versatile, trends tend to be prosy.
What would you do?
I envy those talented tailors. Opss, not all fashion designers are good at cutting and sewing!
Beauty & Fashion industry is forever blooming, ordinary people may express idea; just that they do not accomplish proper design and drawing.
I am one of the fashion designer wannabe. In my dream.  Always.
I am one of the ambitious ordinary people cum engineering background
Covetous ? Yes it is.
Semua benda nak jadi,  Masterchef Malaysia pun nak gak!Ustazah pilihan boleh ke?  Big Loser Malaysia tak nak??? Teeehheeteehehee
Ok, serious.
I do not design and sew. Imitate the trend and blend in some idea. Innovation it is. That the correct terminology.
Get the tailor. Get the material. Discuss with the help of daub sketches. Yada yada yada yada.
Pick the so-called ultimate collection. Be happy if the piece is as imagined. Be sorrow if the piece is a disaster.
I can’t complaint much, can I? Moreover, my professed tailor is an Ah So. She is an aunty, approaching 85 this year. (now, you blame this poor old lady duhhhh??)
These are some of the pieces that turn out as they would be.

I’ll show next, some that do not up to my expectation.

Tried and Tested no 4

Name: Nigella Dawson’s Chocolate Muffin
Detail:  easy & quick preparation
Class: dessert
Family: food

Out of many recipes that I have tried, I would like to recommend this easy recipe from the famous Queen of Domestic; Nigella Dawson. However I am afraid that I could not remember the source of the recipe. It is either; I copied down while watching her show or copied down from her book.
 During many occasions; pot-luck, party time, open house, in fact, this is used to be my once -in- a-month-must-bake desserts before the oven went kaput. (Note to my boyfriend: your promise to get me new one next week. We’ll check it later duhhh!).
Why I love it to the maximum?
 It’s easy.
 It’s straightforward, the instructions are not puzzle.
Just follow 5 steps.
No need of super kitchen gadget.
No egg beating!!! What more will you ask?
Now, we examine the recipe.

250gm plain flour
2 teaspoon (tsp) baking powder (BP)
½ tsp soda bicarbonate (SB)
2 tablespoon cocoa powder
175gm sugar
150gm chocolate chips
250ml fresh milk
90ml cooking oil
1 egg grade A(L size)
1 tsp vanilla essence

1.       Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree Celcius.
2.       Sift flour with SB & BP. Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl.
3.       Combine all wet ingredients in another bowl.  Add into step 2. Mix well. Add in chocolate chips.
4.       Spoon into paper cup at about ¾ height. You may add in more chocolate chips.
5.       Bake for 20 minutes

Now ladies, next day in the morning, bake this as your breakfast-on-bed treat!
And, ohhh do not forget to slip in that satin night gown, like Nigella always do!

p.s All ingredients at room temperature.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fashion Notes 4: Hijab (volume 2)

Hijab 2
This is a continuation of previous discussed topic on Fashion Notes 1:Hijab. You may read here.
I have reason why I stick to effortless not tricky style.
  1.  I breastfeed my kids. I am afraid that they might be suffocated while breastfeeding if I wear loose-hanging and layering of scarf.
  2.  I don’t wear big brooches on shoulder; Hannan had number of scratches before. Pity her!
  3. It has been ages that I have not put on accessories like hanging chain since the day Iman pulled and tugged my favourite piece and strewn away.
  4.   Hannan is clingy baby. She loves being carried, hugged at my shoulder. My headscarf must be placed tightly and pinned all around head. If not, the scarf being lurched and real shabby.

I wonder how those ladies in Messy, free-style covering of headscarf do not look MESSY! Hey, do you still
remember I mentioned in preceding page that there are tip and trick for those with flat-cheek face. Now I shall divulge!

  • To ‘volumise’ a flat cheek face, we keep layering. In a shawl, wrap and drape tidily. But, do not hide your temple of face and expose most of the cheek area.

  • Those with flat-cheek face, from side view of our face; nose is the most protruding sight. No, I do not    recommend going for plastic surgery!! It is important not to veil your forehead. The trick is that we add dimension to face area.

  • Next, just make sure to smile broadly. Show the apples of your cheek!
Get it?

Awning headscarf (do not yawning!)

Do you remember me posting an entry about my perfect discovery of awning headscarf? Please refer to here
Well, there are request from friends to get them those pieces. I have some extras for you.
RM 49 per piece including postage
Free size
Length up to under breast. Similar to M size measurement of other brands

rainbow of scarves

chilli red and dark red layers
light brown and pale brown layers
Somber yellow and pale layers
Bright and pale green layers (hijau pucuk pisang)
Turquoise and pale layers
black and grey layers
Orange and light orange layers
Blue and pale layers