Monday, 14 November 2011

Tried and Tested no 3

Tried and Tested no. 3
Name: Ella St Awning Headscarf
Detail:  two layers ruffled-end, chiffon body with Thai silk awning
Class: Awning headscarf
Family: Headscarf

somber yellow

It is such once in a blue moon I put on awning headscarf. I have several of them in various brands. None I like and suit my face. My square face becomes sharper and bold facet.
This is a gift from my sister. Hi Teh! (terima kasih, ada lagi ke? Teeteteteteet)
The ruffles featured at the tip of both layers give feminine touch. It is appropriate for office wear and for casual function too. The detail is neither overdo nor clash for professional look. The two-tone color of chiffon layers benefit to match with variety of tops.
I found that, my hair is noticeable if sheathing it alone. I have to put on undercap. This really helps! Hide those lock of hair and hair-pin.
Now, seeing is believing.  Don’t you think it reshape my square facet? Teh, I want other colors too!!!!!
Less 'squarish' eh??
the undercap

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