Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fashion Notes 4: Hijab (volume 2)

Hijab 2
This is a continuation of previous discussed topic on Fashion Notes 1:Hijab. You may read here.
I have reason why I stick to effortless not tricky style.
  1.  I breastfeed my kids. I am afraid that they might be suffocated while breastfeeding if I wear loose-hanging and layering of scarf.
  2.  I don’t wear big brooches on shoulder; Hannan had number of scratches before. Pity her!
  3. It has been ages that I have not put on accessories like hanging chain since the day Iman pulled and tugged my favourite piece and strewn away.
  4.   Hannan is clingy baby. She loves being carried, hugged at my shoulder. My headscarf must be placed tightly and pinned all around head. If not, the scarf being lurched and real shabby.

I wonder how those ladies in Messy, free-style covering of headscarf do not look MESSY! Hey, do you still
remember I mentioned in preceding page that there are tip and trick for those with flat-cheek face. Now I shall divulge!

  • To ‘volumise’ a flat cheek face, we keep layering. In a shawl, wrap and drape tidily. But, do not hide your temple of face and expose most of the cheek area.

  • Those with flat-cheek face, from side view of our face; nose is the most protruding sight. No, I do not    recommend going for plastic surgery!! It is important not to veil your forehead. The trick is that we add dimension to face area.

  • Next, just make sure to smile broadly. Show the apples of your cheek!
Get it?


  1. setuju sgt2. x practical lgsg for us, bfeeding moms with clingy babies

  2. hi dear!
    baru sempat singgah sini ;-)
    glad that u r back!

  3. is: bapaknya pun lemas ngk kita..hehehe
    zarin: welcome dear!