Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Distinguish yourself

There are countless beautiful maiden in town.  How do you distinguish yourself?
Is it the excellent mien?
Is it the dainty clothing?
You could not refute that eyes will always be the holder of the beauty. Excepting the blind, for sure.
First glance, eyes will notice on appearances.
Be versatile, trends tend to be prosy.
What would you do?
I envy those talented tailors. Opss, not all fashion designers are good at cutting and sewing!
Beauty & Fashion industry is forever blooming, ordinary people may express idea; just that they do not accomplish proper design and drawing.
I am one of the fashion designer wannabe. In my dream.  Always.
I am one of the ambitious ordinary people cum engineering background
Covetous ? Yes it is.
Semua benda nak jadi,  Masterchef Malaysia pun nak gak!Ustazah pilihan boleh ke?  Big Loser Malaysia tak nak??? Teeehheeteehehee
Ok, serious.
I do not design and sew. Imitate the trend and blend in some idea. Innovation it is. That the correct terminology.
Get the tailor. Get the material. Discuss with the help of daub sketches. Yada yada yada yada.
Pick the so-called ultimate collection. Be happy if the piece is as imagined. Be sorrow if the piece is a disaster.
I can’t complaint much, can I? Moreover, my professed tailor is an Ah So. She is an aunty, approaching 85 this year. (now, you blame this poor old lady duhhhh??)
These are some of the pieces that turn out as they would be.

I’ll show next, some that do not up to my expectation.


  1. gila comel baju ko..tempah kat mana weh??nak tempah ngan ko bleh??aku rasa baik ko jadi fashion designer sebab ko memang ada taste;)

  2. fengsan dgr! gelak besar fashion designer tau nih.
    aku tempah kat aunty cina dkt umah aku ni je.
    mai lah!

  3. mind to share where you bought the lace?both are nice!thanks!

  4. kat mana beli lace tu?sangat cantik...