Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fashion Notes 1: Hijab.

Hijab, head covering, headscarves, shawl,  jilbab or tudung as in our own mother tongue, is straightforwardly tacit to be on our head, the muslim sisters. If you wear your hijab, Alhamdulillah, if you are not, Insha’Allah, slowly and surely you will wear hijab soon.
Back to our discussion, it is about the style of hijab.
I personally found that in the recent years, style of hijab win such an overwhelm response and attention.  Nothing less to those celebrated EPL football club; each of the club has extremist followers. 
 The legendary tudung bawal group,(pic googled)

the ‘chin-pinned’ square piece fans,(pic googled, hi reena!crdit to http://lifeisabigcanvas.blogspot.com/ )

the ‘sheathe’ gang, (pic googled)

the ‘shawlers’, (pic googled)

the ‘awning’ clan, (pic googled)

the ‘messy’ clique, (pic googled)

and the ‘turban’ gang(pic googled)

 are only to list few of the prominent style. And, the above named style has numerous subgroup of different identity of proclaimed uniqueness; owing to the classification of material, the extra and superior detailing of the said style and the price paid which is always associated with the brand name.
Friends, regardless to the style we stick, we are proud that we are Islam ambassador. Anywhere, anytime, people acknowledge that we are Muslim through our image, with the hijab.
Some ladies emphasize on dressing up, some prefer on accessories like jewellery, some fancy on bags, some go head-over-heel on shoes, some desire on make-up, some heighten on label, and some opt for simple appearance.  I double care on my hijab style amongst all. Why? This is the thing we wear upmost our body. It is such a crown that we put on and a pride. Such a tiara of a beauty queen and a delight.
How do you know that which hijab style look good on you?
For me, I do my own face analysis. Know what your face shape is. Study both frontal and outline side view of your face.
Since school, friends nicknamed me as ‘petak’, (indeed, it is my best friend shall be blamed for! Hi Shad!).

pics googled

Like you, over these years, I have been in many style of hijab. Never getting tired of trial and error, now, I am contented with 3 styles.

1.       the ‘shawlers’: Long, rectangular scarf

2.       the ‘chin-pinned’ square piece fans: medium-sized square scarf

3.       the ‘sheathe’ gang: ‘syria style’
All I must do is to ensure that:

1.       The hijab is tightly placed and neat.
2.       Unwrap up most of my face area; do not cover my forehead and ease my eye sight.
3.       I don’t fancy the ‘snout’ and sharp frame on the forehead; I prefer mine to be rounder edge so that it will broaden my forehead.
4.       Uncover my temple and cheek to illustrate high and sharp nose, albeit that mine is small!
5.       Skim down the chin line to soften and narrowed my face.
Now, these are the reason why I under no circumstances bother on ‘messy style’ and ‘turban’. Those look great on others but not me!
Let do some homework here. Do study your face shape and conclude which style of hijab look best on you! We concern about our face shape every time deciding on a haircut or choosing the right frame of eyeglass. Thus, as stressful as trying on hijab style too!

pic googled
We meet up again discussing on how to volumise flat cheeks? We envy those with high cheekbones, don’t we????

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