Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fashion Notes 5: Custom made shawl

Distinguish yourself.  Here is another entry.
What else can you do?
Plastic surgery? No, no, no..(fat transfer might be considerable! Teheteheheeh)
Why am I so hooked on it?
I do not want seeing myself identical with other, the clothing to be correct.
I made my own shawl. Again, I am not the tailor. I wish I learned.
No, not that 85 yrs old Ah So. She does not have the specific sewing machine.
Mesin jahit tepi, jahit halus. That’s the precise machine.
I bought the material and sent to another favourite tailor.
Here some of them. I love them, no one has similar like mine! No fancy brand, but I am happy that way.
I dont mean to hide my daughter, this the close up view of my personalized shawl.



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