Thursday, 3 November 2011

Animal behavior

I strongly against Darwin theory; liken the homo sapiens with monkey.
But one thing that I nod and in differ with Darwin’s theory is both creature might share particular behavior.
It is sickening, it is even nauseating to recollect and rephrase the event that proved the said accusation.
It was a long journey, heading to home via the highway. We stopped at R&R, the adults who were hubby and I took turn to stay in car with kids and hurried to wash room and musolla. . It was only few steps away; we parked near the stop point.
In the car, at the side of a tree, and it was drizzling. Hannan was dozed off while breastfeeding when at sudden there was shrieking sound of stopping vehicle tyre behind ours. My initial impulse was that, the kidnapper were about to abduct us.
In merely seconds, my conscious were back to reality. Do not paranoid. Nobody knows I am a billionaire! teeteteetetee
And what’s not?  Am not in my Porsche. Again!.teeteeteteee
The man without looking left and right, urinated right there at the tree.
Wheeze! Is this a monkey? Or is this a dog?
Hey stranger, don’t you think people can be anywhere; kids might be climbing on that tree and gasped at the size of your birdie and fell down?  Or perhaps, elderly might be passing the pathway and bumped into your unmannered act and fainted heart-attacked? Or worse, don’t u think somebody might be in the car who was about to honk but then laugh loudly and unashamed towards the size of your birdie??? Teeteeteetet (Please forgive me Allah The AlMighty for this obscenity , Hubby, please forgive me too)
You, shameless uncivilized men out there, here is a note for you. Go, get a recycle bottle for you when your legs are too weak to run to lavatory. You are lucky we are not interested to record and you-tube your uncultured ( size), opssss manner!!! Tetetetetete

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