Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fashion Notes 3: Colour and Comely : Blue

Colour and Comely: Blue
Do you know that blue is a soothing colour? But, why people relate blue with men? Even though most of them are macho, machismo, rugged and some that are ruthless.
Soothing and calming should be intended for babies! OK, I agree, happy baby, or sleeping babies, or smiling babies and giggling babies..not the crying babies!! Teehhetetethh..
Blue in many shades; bright or matte, light or dark, fade or glitter, is another favourite of many people.
Blue is great on many skin tone.
Blue help you appear whiter and fairer.
Blueish shade lipsticks are great to conceal those yellowish teeth!
Most corporations’ symbol stick to blue as it resembles professional look. Corroborate their seriousness in the business.  So, wear blue if attending to job interview this kind of company. 
Those laid back company, (I do not mean the managing business, but the kind of business or services they offer) somewhat deal with playful and cool motto. Example, in entertainment industry, you must impress them with your gay attitude, fresh and energetic image. You can try electrifying colours. Go red when meeting with Air Asia CEO, Mr Tony Fernandez. Go orangeyyy when meeting with FireFly CEO.

I love pairing baby blue and pink, it is so lovely.( I featured some picture in old blog, so sorry that I won’t disclose them here.) Blue and yellow is another dazzling combination.

I read somewhere in house painting tip that suggest blue and orange color. These 2 different shades are compatible despite of their obvious contrast.
Let do the experiment! Blue blend well with orange! Don’t you think so?


  1. blue + yellow also gojes!

    blue + orange
    blue + pink


  2. blue dgn silver pun ngam ho jugak kan.
    blue +red memang masuk jugak.