Monday, 14 November 2011

What is friend for??

I have been asked about the Muslimah blouse 
displayed here
There are request from friend and acquaintances; to buy for them and assist on choosing the right size.
Thus, here is the depiction.
It is crucial for you to know that the frame size of the blouse is one size bigger than the standard clothing.
I normally buy M size apparel, or size 10-12 UK Standard. However, S size of this blouse congruent me properly. It is loose-cutting but not extremely baggy. And, do not forget that the material is spandex; it does not look stiff on bodice. My personal advice is, pick one size smaller than your custom size. This Muslimah Blouse offers 2 type of patterns;  batwing pattern and A-cut pattern.

batwing pattern
A-cut pattern

A-cut pattern
Size S
Batwing pattern
Size S
Measurement in inch (approximate)


16 ½’
20 ½’
20 ½ ‘- 21’
Similar to above
21 ½’
Length (E)
Lycra spandex
Lycra spandex
Price (RM)
80 (printed pattern)
70 (plain pattern)
80(printed pattern)
70(plain pattern)

I am happy to help you. Do not hesitate to contact me at

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