Friday, 11 November 2011

Tried and Tested no 1

Tried and Tested no. 1
Writing on this topic is scheduled to appear every Friday. I will convey my personal opinion and judgment on everything; things, recipes, foods, services, and many more. There is no such spokesperson-thingy. No profit made. No contract signed. Every single words written merely my personal view according to my (repeat again, MY) observation, experience and experiment.
I shall and shall not have the photo(s) to support the reviewed subject.

Name: Spanx  In-power Line Super Higher Power
Detail:  size B in nude color.
Class: Girdle
Family: Garment

holes here and there!

how many holes???

The material is light and thin, stretchy to the skin. As claimed, the seam line in not visible. Smooth the bulges around tummy, so that you can slip in your satiny dress anytime with confidence. You feel comfortable all day long, you can breathe, your butt is not stiff while you swaying. However, my only comment is that, the seam line is easily slit and you can notice those holes on my piece. I wore only twice.  I am unfortunate to change or get payback because I put on it months after it arrived and beyond the 30 days delivery.  Pricewise? In my case, I won’t recommend. To get immediate effect on smoothing silhouette you can buy any girdle in the town. There are many alike and using similar material.
 No, I do not have thorns on my butt!  If that clear your mind!!


  1. samalah, aku ada 1, pakai sekali ok, kali ke2 koyak sket..huhuhu

  2. cehhh itulah sgt2 tak berbaloi.