Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Image transition

I have been musing over changing my apparel style. It is supposed to be gradually but definite. Whenever I see a muallaf, our new converted Muslim brother and sister, I can’t help but feel humbled and salute their pure and true Muslim appearance.  They are enlightened with hidayah from Allah swt The Most Merciful to worship only to Him, obey the teachings of Islam through His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad saw and yet, they do not subterfuge the obligations in Islam. 
No is always a NO, and must is always a MUST. They forfeit everything; love, family, career, money to become a Muslim. Isn’t it the great sacrificial? Shall we execute to the same hurdle?
We, born by Muslim parents, erudite Islam throughout our living, subsist in Islam surrounding; always play out quibble on Islam rule. 

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Subhanallah, aren’t they look so pure and divine? Whether they, those muallaf are pious and devoted worshipper to Allah swt is such none to human judgment, but it is our moral to revert to Islam origin and imitate those who inspired us to become true Muslim.


  1. beb,

    yeeeehhhawwwww... welcome back :)
    woahh, this entry kinda of touching mehhh...

  2. nak nanges sebab lamanya aku cari ko..Subhannallah..welcome back;)

  3. cwk: lama sgt bertapa, tu rindu nak masuk balik blogging!

    zaila: uhuk...tulah, aku pun tak sangka kau ingat lagi.