Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tried and Tested no 2

Tried and Tested no. 2
Name: Nur Barakah Muslimah Blouse
Detail:  size S (A-cut pattern)
Class: Muslimah blouse
Family: Garment

First glance and caught my eyes obviously because   of the bright color of the blouse. It is irresistible.
The sizing measurement is different with other garment. Yes, I never know that size S(again size S) is quite big on me. No doubts!  As this is so-called Muslimah clothing.  The material is, I believe it is lycra spandex (am so sorry, I am not sure). Thing for sure, the material is stretchable, soft and light. Goodbye to wrinkle and crumple. Easy to handle.  The printed pattern is motley, isn’ it? But harmonious blend, I would say. The price is reasonable taking into account the bigger measurement for muslimah style; loose-cutting and covering.( banyak guna kain, bayar pun lebih, ya tak?).
I love color; strong, solid and energetic. I would match it with many headscarves.





Which combination is better?
 I favor no 1, the black headscarf soften the contrast and ‘ loud’ blend of colors of the blouse.

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