Saturday, 5 November 2011

Something to ponder about

I hope I don’t sound boasting and bluster here.
I was asked by few friends and relatives to share my fashion style (which I, myself do not feel like a guru or stylish person).
Oh, I am not qualified with designer certification, and I never ever been exposed to fashion line. I learn from mass reading of magazines, and, so grateful to those mounting feed of tv show on lifestyle & fashion like Project Runaway, Fashion Show, Next Top Model Series, Beauty Pageant, E! channel and many!
They said, they would like to know where I got the dresses, the tunic, the pant and sometimes the hijab.
Like all the time, I am a dutiful companion to them while assisting them in hunting their wardrobe replenishment. I am happy sharing and giving opinion when it comes to pick outfits, but they have to tolerate their ear towards my pitiless comments, teeteeetehhee
I think, I will consider to blog about fashion afterwards.
Hey, I am open to both critic and praise, if there is any. Humiliating and degrading other is always sinful!

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