Friday, 11 November 2011

Finally I found them!

I am in the search of appealing muslimah blouse. also related to this..

1.       Loose-cut but not shabby CHECKED
2.       Detailing here and there but not overdo
3.       Printed but understated
4.       Vibrant color and classy CHECKED
5.       Elegant and exclusive
6.       Polite and polished CHECKED

steel blue

royal purple

Now onwards, I know where I shall ahead to!!!! Wardrobe replenishment anyone??? It’s the time to arrange for next's year daily garments as we impending year end. Quick!!!!zassssssssss


  1. sharelah mana nak beli?? aku pon suka blouse labuh2 ni

  2. orait zaila,
    aku post dalam Tried and Tested punya entry.
    aku pun semenjak 2 menjak ni sukalah blouse labuh.